Welcome in Mazury region !

“VILLA MASURIA” is a luxury seclusion located in the heart of Mazury at the Selment Wielki lake in Szeligi village near Ełk city. The almost hundred years old restored building is situated among wide forests,it seems to be an excellent place for family rest,business trainings or company teambuilding gatherings.


Spot, where the resort is located, takes up the area of protected scenery on the plot of 2000m2 size and administer up to 18 places of residence. On the ground of “Villa Masuria” is everything, which can be needed for rest, regardless of the weather. The whole venue consists of two well-equipped houses for rent: “Masuria 1” for 8 persons and “Masuria 2” for 10persons ( details in “Our house” page). Their standard is similar to the best quality hotels. Venue is kept in the capacity of rustic-romantic style with preservation of pre-war Prussian materials and old original Mazurian, and Prussian furniture as well. What is characteristic of Mazury : lakes, forests , fresh air are here close at hand.


„Villa Masuria” is situated at the large lake - Selment Wielki (1262ha). There is about 200 metres from our property to a guarded beach. Water sports rental is located by the beach. Big part of Selment Wielki’s lake is not included under silence zone, which gives the opportunity to park the water equipment with engine also. Such a place is only 50 metres away from our property. Lake has a connection through the Lega river with Rajgrodzkie Lake, therefore it is huge challenge for kayakers, giving possibility to create multikilometres routes ( “mazursko-augustowki” route, trail “pisanica” )


After going through 200 metres, we turn up in the large forest complex extending for a dozen or so kilometers . We have thus countless amounts of pedestrian and bicycle paths for long trips. In 2008 year, right next to our plot, went route of Mazovia Tour – cycling race for mountain cyclists, which is organized every year in most interesting and amazing Polish nooks. Bicycle routes of 20 and more kilometers length are able to be transformed in many different ways everyday. That is paradise for enthusiasts of off-road bike riding in virgin forests.